About Debi...

DebiDebi has been dancing with Tony since 1998. She met him at one of his Salsa classes in London. How did she discover Salsa? A good friend invited Debi out to a Salsa club in London. She went, not having any idea as to what it would be like. What Debi saw took her breath away and changed her life forever!

Debi stood watching for about 3 hours with her mouth wide open. There were over 500 people in the place, all dancing with each other to this fabulous Latin music. There wasn’t any floor space that wasn’t being used.

Tony & Debi She saw one particular couple dancing and decided then and there that she wanted to dance like them. Later on Debi found out who the dancers were; Tony Ainsley & Iris De Brito (who became the UK Salsa champion a few years later). Debi still rates Iris as the best Salsa dancer she has seen!

Debi started attending Tony’s classes and was soon partnering him in class, demonstrating moves to the advanced students. Things moved on and Debi accompanied Tony to many of his venues, demonstrating Salsa and helping to teach. She helped Tony to set up the Kiddies Salsa classes in North London. She has performed in Salsa shows in London before moving to Goa in January 2000.

Debi with their daughter Jasmine Debi is a qualified teacher and worked for Haringey (London Borough) for 12 years teaching in schools in Wood Green and Tottenham. She was responsible for Science, Design and Technology and was a member of the schools’ management teams. Before leaving teaching Debi had been Acting Deputy Head for six months.

Debi majored in Art and Design whilst at college studying for her B.Ed and still enjoys putting her talents into practice whenever she gets the opportunity. She is also a qualified trampoline instructor and a skilled swimmer.