About Redhotsalsa...

Tony & Debi Red Hot Salsa is the name associated with Tony and Debi. They moved to Goa in January 2000 and set up a registered company with the aim to bring Salsa to the people of Goa.

Goa is a mixture of cultures all fused together to create an amazingly colourful and vibrant place.

Dance has always been a big part of the local Goans lives with the Portuguese leaving behind huge dance halls where you can still see people holding traditional dances for the whole family to enjoy the old time dances.

Tony teaching in Delhi Tony and Debi run regular classes at various venues in Goa. Anyone from the age of 16 years upwards is welcome to come to learn to dance.

They have Goan students, European students, Indian students as well as students from Africa, America and Australia.

All have one common aim, to learn to dance so they can then use their skill wherever they go.

Salsa is such a global phenomenon, people from every corner of the globe are learning this fabulous dance style and Tony and Debi want to create a 'salsa scene' in Goa where people from all over the world can come together to dance.

Leading an Animation As well as the classes, The Red Hot Salsa Dance Company perform wherever they get a booking, and have run workshops all over India.

Tony is also a Latin DJ (known as 'DJ Salsa- Tony') and has regular Latin Nights around Goa where he is often seen dancing with the crowds, and leading them in the Latest Dance Animations.

They have held Latin Nights for corporate clients, private parties, weddings as well as the regular gigs open to the public in various famous 'hotspots'.

Everyone has a fabulous time, whatever their age, there is something for all to enjoy.